RCM Metric

UAccess Analytics>RCM>RCM dashboards provide detail as to what makes up the data presented in this Module.Will RCUs be required to plan RCM metrics or funds at the department level?

RCUs are only required to plan metrics at the college level, however, the college can plan them at the organization level if they so choose.   The Office of Budget and Planning will aggregate all RCM Metric data by college for inclusion in the RCM Model if the college chooses to enter data for the entire college, then they should enter data in the first Organization listed, or what Budget and Planning has defaulted as the “Administrative” Organization.  For those colleges who entered metrics in Adaptive Planning in previous years, this Administrative Organization is the equivalent to the old “RCU Only” level, namely the default place used to enter data for an entire college. RCM Budget Allocation amounts coming from the RCM Model will load in the module at the college level only and can remain at the college level in the above-mentioned Administrative Organization.  The RCM Metric module has a feature to allow colleges to allocate to organizations within the college if that is what the college chooses to do.  With both metric plans and budget allocation plans, it is important to note that the college has complete discretion as to who has access to the module, and at what level of granularity they will plan or share any of this information.  The RCM Model is designed to flow funds to college deans for decision-making and control.

OBP receives data into Axiom from the Analytics Datawarehouse called EPM through a data connection called a “view.”  In working with UAIR we have determined that the logic provided to us in our view is not the same as the logic used in the dashboard.  There is an open “ticket” with UAIR and they are actively working on resolving the issue for us. It does not appear this correction will occur before your first round of RCM Metrics are due (11/15), but rather will occur before our Spring submission deadlines.  Please use the RCM dashboards to aid in your forecasting until this issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience and understanding

The Actuals for the Summary data include any orgs that were active during that timeframe. If these orgs are inactive now, they won't show up in By Org for planning, so any totals done there will be off by any inactive org data.