No, however, if you do not enter budgets using this Module by the deadline (June 24th) your non-Allocated accounts will not have an Original Budget loaded for FY21.

Go Live is June 8th

Deadline is June 24th

Data input will load to KFS on July 1st

Departmental or College/Division Finance Officers interested in loading Account-level budgets for FY21 Original Budget on July 1, particularly in Designated or Auxiliary funds

Units that have Auxiliary or Budgeted Designated funds will have already been provided access based on their Operating Budget roles.

If you do not have access and wish to have access to this module we will mirror your Operating Budget access roles.  Simply email Cindy McHenry ( to request access.

Use the KFS Load Module to load FY21 Original Budget into KFS on account, subaccount, object code, sub-object code, and project code dimensions  for the following non-allocated budgeted funds: Academic Enhancement (AEF), Auxiliary (AUX), Designated (DES), Designated-Service Center (SVC), Program Fee/Differential Tuition (PFD), Financial Aid (FIN), Other Funds (OTH), Banner Operating or Non -Operating (BAN/BNN), Dean’s Tax (DNT), Mandatory Fees (MAN) and Restricted (RES) without TRIF

This Module is not for updating State, Locally Allocated, Sponsored, Federal Agriculture, or TRIF funds. Future Modules will address budgeting in KFS in these funds (short of Sponsored, we have no plans to support Sponsored budgeting with our tools). Please continue to use the RBC System to budget these funds for the time being.

You will not be able to budget Closed or Cash-Style (Budget Record Level Code = N) Accounts. If you need to update those attributes, then you will need to do so in KFS.

This Module is not used to revise Current FY20 Budget, only to Load FY21 Original Budget

This Module will not be used to revise FY21 Current Budget or to make updates to FY21 Base Budget. Future Modules will support those efforts, but in the meantime please continue to use the RBC System for FY21 Revisions to Temp budgets.

Please note -beginning with FY21budget loads, the RBC System will no longer support adjustments to Base Budget on non-Allocated fundsFuture year budgets are now available and maintained in Axiom.

Base Budget may still be transferred on State, Locally Allocated, Federal Agriculture, and TRIF funds using the RBC System.


Routing options are similar to Operating Budget Module.  The roles are Dept/College Editor and Dept/College Approver. The Editor can save and forward to Approver. The Approver can reject and send it back to the Editor or Approve/Forward to Office of Budget and Planning. In case where the User has both Roles they would have to complete Step One(Edit) and Forward to Step2 (Approve) and then forward it to Office of Budget and Planning

Process a Temp RBC in the Budget System.  Deadline is June 19th.

This means the fund has only cash style accounts. The message will not appear for funds where there are active budget style accounts.

The KFS Project Code dropdown menu is not filtered based on organization code and will show all active project codes. Users can type in values to help narrow down the list.

The Bulk Load tab will only display active budget style accounts. Units have the option to convert cash style accounts to budget style or reopen accounts in UAccess Financials.  Once approved, these modifications will be reflected in Axiom the next business day.

The system will display accounts that have budget or actuals between FY18 and FY20

State (STA) and Locally Allocated (LOC), Sponsored (SPN), FedAg (FED), and TRIF within Restricted (RES) funds are not included. STA, LOC, FED, TRIF are budgeted using the RBC system.

The ‘Edit in Spreadsheet’ tool will only show accounts and object codes already available in the fund tabs. If you add data to a blank row it will not be added to Bulk Load. To add a new KFS chart string to budget, you would need to navigate to the appropriate fund tab and use the "Add KFS Chart String" option.

The FY21 Current Budget reflects your FY20 Perm Budget in the RBC system at fiscal year rollover. The FY21 Current Budget can be updated based on current forecasts or expectations using the RBC system. The FY21 Original Budget matches what was entered in the KFS Load Module. Using the Current Budget and Original Budget columns will allow you to compare your Axiom Budget to your current forecasts or expectations.