Budget Request Module

This Module would be used to allow for a Department to request new funding from their College/Division or to allow a College/Division to request new funding from the institution.  Please confirm with your College/Division finance office whether they will be utilizing this tool for either purpose. Link to Module Slides.

Department Submit, Department Approver, College/Division Approver, and with Office of Budget & Planning.  Each College/Division can decide which of the first three options they will implement. Please check with your College/Division finance office for more details. Also, please find additional resources on Provisioning and Routing here.

Data entered in the Budget Request “Schedule” will populate the “Budget Request” columns in Operating Budget & All Funds Modules.  There are also views in Operating Budget Reports (i.e. Operating Budget & Trend Analysis Report) to see summary of budget requests by Executive, VP, College, or Organization.  Refer to the Module Resources page for a list of report guides.

You will still need to request start-up funds for new programs and departments and new revenue for severe structural deficits in the Budget Request Module.

When a new budget request is created, use the “Select Fund” drop down to select a planning fund. Planning funds unavailable to choose from are BAN-Banner Operating, BNN-Banner Non-Operating, DNT-Dean’s Tax, FED-Federal Agriculture, FIN-Financial Aid, OTH-Other Funds, RES-Restricted, SPN-Sponsored Projects, SVC-Designated Service Centers, and TRF-Tech Research Initiatives