Axiom Access Provisioning

All access requests will be made through the Access Provisioning Tool

Yes, permissions in the Budget and Planning Modules are set by role and there can be more than one individual in a role.  What this means is you need to be very careful about who is saving the information as we will follow the “last save wins” logic.

Approver role will vary by module.  An approver role can have more than one person assigned to the role to allow for back-up approvers.  See guidelines below. 

All Funds Planning & RCM Metrics Module:  Only College approver.  This module is only for the college. 

College Editor→ College Approver → OBP 


Budget Request:  Department Approver and College Approver.  Each college may design this differently and have one department approver and one college approver, however a college could also have no department approver.  We recommend at least the college approver role is set up.  Once approved this module will route to the Provost and/or RII (if needed) before it’s routed to The Office of Budget and Planning 

Department Editor→ Department Approver → College Approver → Provost and/or RII (if needed) →  OBP 


Operating Budget and Labor Planning:  One Approver Role can be at the department level or college level.  Once the approver role submits/approves, the plan file is routed to the Office of Budget and Planning.  The Operating Budget Module and Labor Planning Module will roll up to the All Funds Planning Module so each college can decide how they want to route these two modules.  We recommend the editor is in the department and the approver is in the college.  You could also have a department editor and a department approver and then the college would review the All Funds Planning Module.   

Option 1:  Department Editor→ Department Approver → OBP 

Option 2:  Department Editor→ College Approver → OBP 

You can request access by either Org or College depending on the module selected - 

All Funds Planning:By College Code

Budget Request:By Org Code or College Code

Operating Budget:By Org Code or College Code

Labor Planning:By Org Code or College Code