UA Budget & Planning System Module Descriptions

Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) Metrics Submission Module

The RCM Metric Submission is the first Module being developed within the new UA Budget and Planning System and is designed to allow Colleges/Revenue Responsibility Center Units to review and submit all RCM Metrics used in forecasting the RCM Model, including Graduate and Undergraduate Student Credit Hours (SCH), Undergraduate Majors, Graduate Enrollment, Graduate and Program Fee Revenues, as well as Space and Sponsored Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost returns. Each submission cycle of RCM Metrics allows for the generation of a new RCM Model which in turn then allows College Finance Officers the opportunity to begin seeing the impact of the RCM Model on next year’s budget allocations and to begin planning for potential budget reductions or additional funding.

Labor Planning Module

The Labor Planning Module is being designed to support the financial planning of all Personal Services and Employee Related Expenditure (ERE) costs as well as the Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) counts that will support those costs by broad position categories at the Department level. Most positions will be planned for individual incumbents of those positions, where as others, such as Student Workers and Graduate Students will be planned at a Pooled position which will allow for the planning of multiple individuals in the same or similar positions. The Labor Planning Module will automatically calculate ERE costs associated with planned positions and we also allow for the calculation of Graduate Tuition Remission costs for Graduate Assistants and Associates. Finally, the Labor Planning Module will allow for the planning of labor related costs such as technology allowances, supplemental compensation, and employee recognition awards. The Labor Plan data will flow automatically into the Operating Budget Module according to the Budget Object assigned within the Labor Planning Module.

Operating Budget Module

The Operating Budget Module will allow departmental, college, and division financial planners the opportunity to create a multi-year Profit and Loss (P&L) style operating budget for each Planning Fund within their organization. This module will allow users to create financial plans by Budget Object, Organization, and Fund for later aggregation into college and division level All Funds Plans. This module will provide users two years of prior year financial actuals and 7 months of current year actuals to aid in the construction of their budgets. Users will the be asked to plan the remaining 5 months of the current year as well as the next three fiscal years.

Budget Request Module

Within the Budget Request Module, financial planners will be able to request new funding allocations from their appropriate leadership. This may be a dean’s office within a college, or possibly to a VP or SVP in an administrative unit. The Budget Request Module will allow leaders to score and prioritize incoming budget requests should they show choose. Instructions for how to complete these forms will depend on whether your department is within a college (Revenue RCU) or an administrative/support RCU. Within an administrative/support RCU it will be the module in which you would enter requests for positions or operational dollars not currently supported by your available resources.

All Funds Plan Submission Module

The All Funds Plan Submission Module will be the summarizing submission step for the Labor, Operating Budget, and Budget Request Modules. This Module will aggregate data for all departments within a college or division and allow for a single narrative submission to accompany the college/division level all funds submission. This Module will go through workflow and approval, so that it is clear to college or division finance officers where in the process their submission is.


The KFS Load Module

The KFS Load Module allows Departmental and/or College financial planners to translate their FY21 Axiom budget data into the Kuali Financial System (KFS, aka “UAccess Financials” or UAF) accounting.  The KFS Load Module allows users to load FY21 Original Budget into KFS on account, subaccount, object code, sub-object code, and project code dimensions. Users can load budget data from AUX, DES, PFD, FIN, OTH, AEF, BAN, BNN, DNT, MAN, SVC, and RES without TRIF funds.